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There’s a new, unique T6 premium vehicle in store – Strela S-8. What can you expect from it? You can learn that from this review.

Strela S-8, also known as MT-LB S-8, is an Ukrainian vehicle, which consists of armored carrier MT-LB and two B-8 launchers with S-8 rockets.

Below you’ll find short description of main stats of this vehicle. And here is comparison of stats of selected AFV, 6th tier, with retrofits (Optics, Paint, Lenses): Click


Main and only armament is two rocket launchers. Each with 20 missles, which gives up to 40 projectiles per salvo. Stored ammo is enough for 2 salvos. Firerate equals to 100 shots per second – – 0.6 sec between shots. Reload time take whole 60 seconds, no matter if lauchers are empty or not.

Penetration, as well as single projectile damage are pretty good, but it’s the quantity that makes this weapon interesting. Neverthenless, I discourage you from shooting MBT at front – thicker armor makes our missles do only around 100 dmg each. It’s best to ambush enemy, from the side or back, and if you manage to pull it off – your opponent will literally evaporate in few seconds (each rocket can deal around 300-400 dmg, 0.6 sec per shot, you do the math).

Important thing is to get as close to the enemy as possible. Accuracy is poor and from distance above 100 m, your missles will fly wherever they want. Because of that, sniping with Strela is useless (and if you really need to shoot from a distance, then wait for your aiming circle to shrink, which takes some time).

Turret travers speed is over 52°/s. With such speed, we’ll have no problems aiming at close distance. It’s also worth noting, that crosshair is located at hull height, which makes aiming from behind an obstacle impossible.


In case of armor, there’s nothing much to say, because it mostly doesn’t exist. Whatever you shoot at Strela, you’ll penetrate it anyway. HP count is similar to those from other AFVs – 2-3 good hits are enough to destroy.

Only element you shouldn’t shoot at is the launcher – it takes no damage at all.


In terms of mobility, Strela is a little worse than other vehicles from this tier, especially when it comes to the top speed.

Most AFV would outspeed us. But moving around the map won’t be an issue for Strela.


When it comes to camouglage, Strela S-8 is the best in the whole game. Base value of 40% can be increased up to ludicrous 59% with camo pattern, specific retrofit and commander with needed skill.

If you add some spotting range enhancers, you’ll get a pretty decent passive scout. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to support your team with fire, if you want to stay hidden. One shot and most of your camo is gone (yeah, only thing that we need are invisible Katyushas – translator note).

For players, who aren’t sure what mods, commanders and crew skills to choose, and need some guides, here are some suggested pre-made sets.

Retrofits, commander and crew


  • Augmented Optics v2 – increase view range by 35 m
  • Electro-Optical Absorbing Paint v2 – improve camo rate by 8%
  • Improved Telescopic Lenses v2 – increase view range while standing by 70 meters


  • Erin O’Connell – In order to maximize camouflage and reconnaissance ability


  • Driver – Off-Road Driving and Spin to win
  • Gunner – Quick Draw and Sharpshooter

Here you can find a video, with one PvP battle. If you interested in replays to check in-game, you can find them here:

Strela S-8 is first of its kind in AW. Because of its armament and ability to obliterate anything in few seconds, it was already called OP or even P2W by some.

And it’s hard to argue with that. Lighter vehicles are no match for Strela from close distance, and the heavier ones also have a hard time. But it isn’t an easy to play vehicle. One wrong decision and you end up in the garage – to deal damage you have to get very close, and I remind you – you have no armor.

Huge advantage is camouflage, which makes you hard to spot. It allows not only to be a good scout, but also great ambusher.

Is this vehicle worth taking look at? Of course! It’s completely different from what we’ve get untill now – sneaking behind enemy and finishing two vehicles in 10 seconds is a lot of fun (for us of course). But keep in mind, that this AFV is not for everyone. You won’t be able to move fast around map back and forth or fight from a distance, such like VBL can. But if that doesn’t discourage you – Strela-8 can be a very good investment.

All of above is mostly suitable for PvP. In PvE this vehicle won’t be nearly as good on most of the maps, and If this mode is your “main”, I discourage you from buying it.

 Translation PL-EN: luk_zloty


Loves anime and fantasy, science-fiction literature. Liked to play SPG (when it was in PvP). Community Contributor in Armored Warfare.

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