[Guide][OWL] Premium, why should I get it?


We live in times where game developers spend hundreds of thousands of “greens” so that we – the players – can play it just for free. Free To Play [F2P] productions attract more and more players because those games are simply… good.

In the past freeware games had their place at most on second CD enclosed to Christmas issue of CD-Action. Today they are much more spectacular and playable. So why did developers decided to be so kind and give them for free?

The best comparison will be buttons factory – nice isn’t it? In factory they create buttons that are relatively cheap – a dollar maybe for set of those. So basically everybody can have a whit of luxiry and change a button in clothes. There are not many button factories but demand is high. As a result president of manufacture that produces very cheap product becomes multimillionaire with house on Aligators and Kajman boots, or the other way around. The same idea works in gaming industry. Micropayments placed in latest F2P are small amounts – so small that many players can afford them. All micropayments put into a sack and we have significant sum of money without spending a dime on pressing CDs and printing covers, logistics etc.

So how do you convince a player to spend just a bit of his hard earned money on something virtual, intangible, available only online? In the era of haste and chasing career it is enough to offer time as a product or recognition. Time is the most valuable “product” which we constantly lack of. Recognition – because it allows us to stop being anonymous in virtual world. Of course there must be balance between those who pay for time and recognition, and those who disregard both those things. If this balance is disrupted game begins to collapse. Often those games become Pay To Win [P2W] and they die quickly.

Back to the topic. Is it worth it to get premium content? Is there something in AW worth paying money? You can make your own mind after reading this article. My opinion is under the description of every premium product.


What kind of premium content is offered by Armored Warfare?

  • vehicles
  • commanders
  • premium account
  • emblems
  • credits
  • gold
  • bonuses
  • titles and achievements
  • access to special content
  • vehicles form collector’s editions
  • camouflages

1. Premium vehicles

There are multiple premium vehicles in the game. The number will grow in time. We will find very unique vehicles there available only in limited periods of time.

What are the benefits of having premium vehicle?

  • + 50% credits per battle
  • + 25% credits after first daily victorous battle
  • + 20% reputation
  • + 20% crew experience
  • + 20% commander experience

Premium vehicle reputation is useless because such vehicle is fully researched but it is stored in form of locked reputation that can be converted (for gold) into global reputation that can be used on every vehicle. Additionally some players like to have nice exhibit of premium tanks in their garage collections. For example Object 155 were granted for those who took part in stress testing the game.

Is it worth having premium vehicles?

Personally, I think yes. For me, the person who can’t spend too much time in the game, premium vehicles allow me quicker development of other vehicles, crew and higher credit earnings which is important if you look at the prices in AW. At this moment it may seem that crew and commander are leveling very fast. Commander has got 5 skills and crew has 2. But this is planned to be extended so working on your crew should bear fruits one day.


2. Commanders

System for commanders in AW is not very expanded, but we can already see that premium commanders have unique abilities that boost development of vehicles and crew. For example Italian Maximillian Koenig has eg. 10% boost to reputation and crew experience. It was available to the owners of Founder Packs. Second premium commander is American Anthony Diaz which can do can do what Maxi K. can and works as a medic that automatically heals first wounded crew member. You could get him if you registered before Christmas 2014.

Is it worth it to have premium commander?

Personally I think it’s not very useful. I use Max only on vehicles that I’m currently upgrading. Once it’s done I use more suitable non-premium commander, because their skills are simply better during actual combat.


3. Premium account

Premium account it’s a time slot when our actions will get us higher rewards. It can be bought with special packages eg. Collector’s (or Founder’s in the past) or by exchanging gold. Premium time can also be obtained by taking part in events, contests or tournaments.

What benefits do I get from premium account?

  • + 50% reputation per battle
  • + 50% credits per battle

Is it worth having premium?

Definitely yes! If I were to pick one premium product it would be the premium account. It gives us the biggest bonuses for the most important things. Unfortunately it expires regardless if we are logged in or not. Producers could divide premium time to 12h power ups so that we could use them when we actually need them. We’ll see what future brings.

4. Emblems

Emblems allows individualization of owned vehicles. They do not provide any benefits, they are strictly visual enhancements. We can pick symbols, flags, numbers, writings etc. but variety of emblems will be larger. Emblems are available for some period of time for credits or permanently for gold (for one or all vehicles).

Is it worth to pay for emblems?

For most players they will be useless because they do not provide real benefits. Personally I use Polish flag because that’s where I come from. I know that in games we are seen unjustly so I want to change that with my behavior on the battlefield.  It’s all in our hands.



5. Credits

Credits are basic currency in the game. We use them to buy vehicles, repair them, buy upgrades, modules, commanders, ammunition and other equipment. We can get credits along with special package from AW shop. Credits can be also obtained by exchanging gold in 1:1600, which means that for 1 gold we get 1600 credits.

Should I buy credits?

Definitely not! Personally I think that you’ve got to be seriously desperate to get credits by converting gold or paying real money. It’s way much better to play with premium account. For example for 2300 gold we can buy 30 days premium or 3 680 000 credits which is less than cost of VI tier artillery Palmaria! I guarantee that within 30 days of premium you will earn much more than that and not only credits!

6. Gold

Gold is a premium currency in the game. It can be bought directly for real money or as a part of special package. Gold can be used to buy premium tanks, activate premium time, convert locked reputation, buy emblems or even credits.

Buying gold – is it worth it?

In my opinion it’s worth considering. For people with time deficit it will be useful to unlock locked reputation in order to make progress faster. It’s also a good way to buy premium vehicles (apart from special packages).

7. Bonuses

Bonuses is a way of of making game more profitable for player. They can be bought in special packages or from chests that contain equipment. You can also get them from various events. Similar to premium account they are time limited with to 12 hour periods per boost. Bonus system will most likely be extended and modified with additional areas. Benefits from bonuses depend on quality of that bonus.

What do I get for bonuses?

  • + 50% credits per battle
  • + 50% experience for commander per battle
  • + 50% experience for crew per battle
  • + 50% reputation per battle
  • + 50% reputation with dealers per battle

Should I buy bonuses?

I think that for people play for couple of hours it’s a good idea. AW producers use bonuses as a encouragement to buy special packages or as a prize for mission or good battle result. At this moment they cannot be bought independently. The best way to get them is to take part in events or by getting treasure chests with equipment.


8. Titles and achievements

Title is a way raising status of player as reward from Armored Warfare producers for unlocking specific vehicle. So far they ware always present in special packages like in Lord of War from Founders Pack or Imperator  from Collectioner’s Pack. Titles and achievements doesn’t do anything but changing visuals. So if someone want’s to shine among colleagues they can. In game titles are only visible for player and members of platoon.

Should I buy titles and achievements?

In my opinion they are not worth your money because you have to buy the whole package to get them. They are not available as a separate product. They are just useless and possibly only for collectors.


9. Access to special content

In the past it was unthinkable to pay for incomplete product and help producers that way to finish the game. I will say even more – it seems illogical. It should be the other way around. Producer should care about organizing a “test group”.

What do you get with access to special content?

Right now special content should be seen as having special packages that gave access to an Early Access. It means that you could play before “normal” players could. You could test available vehicles, pick favorites, plan development tree, select commanders, explore maps or just have fun.

Should I pay for special content?

Even though it may seem illogical personally I’m proud that I could help in enrolling this huge project towards great game. It’s great feeling when I see how Armored Warfare blossoms and becomes playable and more and more balanced. What could be seen in Open Beta was result of hundreds and hundreds of working hours spent by developers cooperating with players. I wish this cooperation will be maintained and final product will attract countless number of satisfied players.

10. Collector’s vehicles

It happens that producers release vehicles that are available only for limited period of time or in limited amount. Those so called Collector’s packages contain tanks that have unique camouflage and premium status. It’s possible to buy them individually or as part of a set – it depends how wealthy player is.

What benefits do I get from having collector’s vehicles?

After buying collector’s package we get chance of driving unique constructions. Thanks to premium status we get access to higher rewards and crew experience. Very often producers can include some credits, gold or premium time into the package. The more expensive package you pick the more freebies you get.

Should I buy collector’s vehicles?

You need to answer this question on your own. For me the answer was yes because we will always get exceptional tank. It will not however always be equally good on the battlefield. If we like to play certain vehicle class then money that you spent will bring you important benefits like faster development of other tanks from the “tree”. Another thing is that people who like to collect things would not be able to resist temptation of buying those tanks. Even thought they may not even play with them.



11. Camouflages

For some time now producers are giving us the possibility to “paint” our vehicles. Final effect is made of two layers: underlay and camo pattern. Underlay is nothing more than painting whole vehicle with one color. On top of that camo pattern is painted. We will have three types of underlay: summer, winter and desert. All of them must be first unlocked by playing on maps with specific climate eg. desert camo in Pipelines and Port Storm. It should be noted that underlay alone does not give any benefits beside visual change. We need to put camo pattern on top of that in order to get camo boost. There are many fantastic camo patterns which visually change our vehicle in real killer. Camouflages can be bought for credits or gold.

What do I get for having camouflage?

Full camo gives 3% boost in camo factor and makes our vehicle look cool.

Are camouflages worth buying?

In my opinion AFV and TD vehicles SHOULD be painted. Benefits are not huge but that 3% can give us advantage in battle and can be decide about victory. Obviously if you can afford it you should have camouflage on every vehicle, however SPG with camo is like barn overgrown with moss. It’s green but it’s still … a barn.



I hope this guide will help those hesitating and asking question “should I buy?” to make a decision. Remember that all premium boosts add up and they not exclude each other. I personally use premium content because time I actually spend in the game is just a tiny fraction of time I would like to spend. It will let me keep decent level of progress and possibility of meeting fans in the game (not only on 3’rd tier). I don’t want anyone to see this article as encouragement, advertisement or obligation for buying premium. No! With Armored Warfare you can have really good time and fun without it. Whether you want to buy premium content or not it is your decision.

See you on the battlefield. Voolf


 Translation PL-EN: PaszaVonPomiot



Editor in Chief and graphic designer of GameStone.pl, photographer by proffesion, "master of flip-flops" by education. Because of having two mothers-in-law he takes everything with a pinch of salt. Expert on hopeless cases.

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