[Guide] Special Operations – Caribbean Crisis


Because up until now there was no complete guide about camosachievements in Special Ops mode, I decided to make one. 🙂

All videos in this guide were recorded in TPP (from above). If you want to see this from more personal view, check videos of Spichris (in Polish).


For the moment being, we’ve got three achievements in game, that could give player an unique camo. They are: Hollywood Timer (desert), Concealed Killer (winter) and Magnificent Five (woodland).

Besides that, there are three hidden achievements:

No Mercy

No Mercy – Complete first chapter on Insane, destroying the entire team of 43 and over enemies

Assault Squad

Assault Squad – Complete third chapter on Insane in 10 minutes (probably bugged)

Hello, Andrey

Hello, Andrey – Complete fourth chapter of first SpecOp on insane and save Erik Zaitsev on a vehicle with commander Erik Zaitsev.


Below you’ll find detailed instruction on how to play specific mission in order to get achievements. Each mission was split into phases.


AchievementsHollywood Timer and No Mercy
Map: Chemical plant
Squad: 4x Challenger 2 ADTU and 1x SPHINX

To get Hollywood Timer you have to accomplish all quests in last 5 seconds of given time. Achievement No Mercy is better to get in another run. Then you just have to focus on killing bots.

Phase 1

Start of the mission, ADTU’s advances forward destroying enemies. SPHINX stays behind, avoiding unnecessary damage, he can help with his gun and ATGM. After clearing area, MBTs are going left, and SPHINX right.

Before Challengers get through, they’d have to destroy 1-2 more bots, that’ll come from behind bank. At this moment, noone should enter the circle, because it launches another part of the mission.

Phase 2

After launching next part of mission, phase 2 starts. At this moment, first quest to capture base shows up. We have to do it in the last 5 seconds.

To do so, Challengers have to advance quickly destroying everything on the way, while SPHINX supports them but mostly stay behind (it should stay in position until phase 3).

All MBTs should be around base at around 1:25 min before time ends, it should be some bots spawning, that needs to be destroyed. 47 seconds before time ends, one tank enters cap circle (at this moment all bots should be destroyed).

Attention: It can happen, that counter fires with 2 seconds delay, that’s why we need to have at least 2 seconds spare.

When there’s 5 seconds left to capture the base, second vehicle enters it.

Phase 3

Now our job is to protect the base and to capture a drone. First task is up to MBT, that should position themselves something like this:

In the meantime SPHINX should stay at designated area. Its job is to eliminate AI near drone capture point and get ready to capture it.

While waiting, he can shoot at bots around the base. 23 seconds before time ends, AFV should start capturing drone. After it’s done, we move on to the next phase.

Phase 4

When you finally get the drone and destroy all bots around the base, you should have about 40 seconds left until defence mission ends. This time should be used to change position. The hardest part is incoming.

You’d have to capture another base and destroy 5 cisterns. All vehicles should get to designated positions before time runs out:

Three Challengers have a task of destroying cistern near cap and protecting fourth MBT, while he starts capturing base around 1:55 min before the end of time.

SPHINX in the meantime destorys two cisterns up north and one down south and get ready to destroy last one, 4 seconds before time ends. While waiting, it should destory bots that come near.

If you didn’t have trouble fighting bots, and managed to time everything perfectly, mission should be a success.




AchievementConcealed Killer
Map: Waterway
Squad: 4x Challenger 2 ADTU + 1x Centauro 155

Achievent Concealed Killer is easiest to get with an SPG. In such case, rest of the squad focuses on destroying enemy tracks, to help deal 10 000 dmg with an SPG. Remember you cannot be spotted even once in the whole mission!

Phase 1

First thing to do is to take positions before first enemies show up. Player getting the achievement should stay around bridge entrance. Rest of the team more or less should take positions shown at picture below.

When MBT are moving to their destination, SPG should already destroy building shown below (if player uses TD, buildings from the second screenshot can be destroyed later). It would prevent bots from hiding there.

AI can damage hovercraft pretty fast, that’s why it needs to be destoryed ASAP. Now the phase 1 ends.

Phase 2

At this phase, we’ll be capturing other mission objectives, while letting SPG player dealing damage. It shouldn’t be difficult. But the last part of this phase is the most important one.

When drawbridge starts to lower down, and the team is finishing last bots, you have to move to area shown below (before side quest about destroying bridges kicks in). Few bots will spawn there, that’ll imidiately start shooting at Zubr.

After eliminating them you can go to the other side and start phase 3.

Phase 3

Next phase shouldn’t be difficult, all you need to do is to capture all points. Take a closer look at the right side of the map. A lot of ernemies are spawning there, and can easily flank you if you advance too much.

After capturing all three point, fourth shows up. At this moment, team have to fend off a wave of bots, that’ll spawn all around. Most important thing is to make sure that nobody stays at this side of the map.

To do so, it’s best to check shown area, before you go to the other side. If you don’t, it may happen that you left one bot that’ll destroy Zubr.

Phase 4

Final part. After unlocking passage, you should get to cap ASAP and start destroying bots, while keeping an eye at yourselves.

Two vehicles can go from Sout West, taking bots from behing, it should speed up the process.

If you played as SPG, and didn’t move, you should get your achievement and camo/



AchievementsMagnificent Five and Shooting Practice
Map: Tropical Coast
Squad: 4x Challenger 2 ADTU + 1x Centauro 155

Third chapter and two achievements to get. Magnificent Five is the easiest that’ll get you camo (you don’t have to finish on insane difficulty, can be doable with randoms). All you need is whole team to survive, without using the most expensive PvE kit.

Shooting Practice need to be done with ten tiers though, SPG is also probably the easiest. You have to position yourself in a way that nobody could hit you, while rest of the team fights bots, leaving them for you to finish. Rinse and repeat until 10 kills on the score.

Here you can see how to get second achievemnt, while getting first one at the same time.

Phase 1

Right at the beginning, SPG has to retreat to position shown here, while rest of the team slowly advance. Keep in mind, that there are TDs at the hill.

After dealing with the enemy, there’s first cap waiting, don’t capture it. First you have to go to the city and clear it out before next part kicks in, otherwise ther’ll be too many enemies.

Remember, there are a lot of bunkers on the map, that can easily destroy you, one of them is right at the entrance to the city.

Phase 2

When city is cleared, and first capture point is taken, you’ll have to destroy lasers (below you can find their locations, there isn’t too much time) and capture another point.

After that, you’ll have to destroy helis and go to the last phase.

Phase 3

This one is a little bit more challenging, mostly because there are a lot of enemies and you have to split your forces. One MBT needs to reatreat to first cap area, it’ll be needed there later, when you have to defend position.

If you don’t play on insane you can skip this bit, because at lower levels it won’t happen.

Your main job is to clear island from bots and bunkers, and then capture and defend the base. Time is limited so you need to hurry up if you want to win.

Enemy would attack from almost every side, so try to protect your weakpoints as good as you can. If you manage to do everything smooth, player with SPG should receive Shooting Practice.

If you want to get Magnificent Five, the easiest way is to form a 5-man platoon and play, for example, using Ramka-99.



AchievementsHello, Andrey and Caribbean Pirate 4
Map: Tropical Coast
Squad: 3x Challenger 2 ADTU + 2x T-14 Armata

Last chapter of first Special Operation. It has a pretty simple Hello, Andrey achievement, only thing you have to do is have Erik Zaytsev as a commander of your vehicle (and probably you have to survive). If you do this mission for first time, you’ll get Caribbean Pirate 4 as well.

These achievements can be done evet with “randoms”, I managed to get it at my second try. Because of that, you’ll see below more of a description of mission, rather than step-by-step guide as it was for previous chapters. It should help you anyway.

Phase 1

Beginning. Your team is split into two, each has to protect defined point. Tak a closer look at island. If you let too many bots enter cap circle, they’ll take it in seconds.

Here, vehicles with shorter reload time than Challenger should be more useful, eg. Armata. When South-Easter point is cleared, players from there should move to next objective.

Rest of the team can clear island out. When you activate second objective, you’re entering second phase.

Phase 2

Second phase activates first secondary objective, which is to destroy SPG, located here. Your main task is to save Magnus’ squadrons.

First one spawns in place shown above. One of your teammember should be already going there when it pops up. When you manage to destroy all enemies, you’ll activate another phase, which is to move to the village.

You shouldn’t have too much trouble doing it, but anyone who stays outside building, should watch out for drones that can shoot ATGMs at him.

Phase 3

When village point capture is done, it’ll activate repair point, in which you can replenish your HP and ammo (at this moment, it doesn’t work so don’t bother).

It’s at moment, when another phase kicks in, saving another Magnus’ team. This one is located at the East, won’t hold too much without support, so you need to hurry.

Destroying all enemies activates another point, task is the same as earlier, but at the opposite side of the map. At this moment, you’ll receive another secondary objective – to restore lasers. They can be found near the village centre.

Doing this, will push you to final phase.

Phase 4

When you destroy last AI on the map, you’ll receive an order to regroup in the village. At this moment, two vehicles should move to C1 and B8.

They’ll wait there for next task, while rest of the time captures point in the village. After doing that, you’ll be ordered to destroy three hoovercrafts (Zubr).

Vehicles sent before away should have eyes on them, now destroying hoovercrafts should take mere seconds. Destroying them acrtivates final task – capturing point on the beach.

At this moment you can focus on capturing the base or destroying all bots. Both ways guarantee you success and achievements.


And that’s all in terms of Special Operation called “Carribean Crisis“. If I manage to get content for other achievements I’ll update this guide.

At the end, I want to say big thank you to people who helped me get these achievements, thus contributing to this guide: Hades83PL, ishamael, PolishLegendZbynio00 and Daids.

 Translation PL-EN: luk_zloty


Loves anime and fantasy, science-fiction literature. Liked to play SPG (when it was in PvP). Community Contributor in Armored Warfare.

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