[Guide] Special Operations – Black Sea Incursion


With 0.25 update, a new season of Special Operations started, called Black Sea Incursion. As it was the case for Caribbean Crisis, this time I’ve made too a guide for you. 🙂

New missions compared to previous ones are slightly harder. Remember, that Hardcore is for organized, 5-people platoons, not for random squads!


Second season provides us with three achievements, which give us unique camouflage. They are: Vehicles in the Caucasus (forest), For Some Time (desert) and Air Defense In Itself (winter).

Besides that, there’s also one hidden achievement, called Temporary Paradox. I won’t waste time on first camo, becuase you can easily get it by yourself, playing with 8th tier at normal difficulty.


Below you’ll find detailed instruction on how to play specific mission in order to get achievements. Each mission was split into phases.


Achievements: For Some TimeTemporary Paradox and Prompt Response
Map: Coastal Threat
Squad: 3x T-14 Armata and 2x SPHINX

To get camo for For Some Time achievement, you have to finish mission in 6 minutes. If you have Alexander Cortez, use him, and winning mission with him on board will give you hidden achievement Temporary Paradox.

Phase 1

Start of the mission, both SPHINX’s entering cap. Rest of the team follows them, some should go through the hill to see, from which side enemy will come – it can be left or right as well, it’s random.

MBT job is to not let bots enter cap, for them not to stop capturing. Area should be secured before 14:05.

Phase 2

MBT goes in direction of second point, in D2 square, opposite way to one used by another wave of bots (this one is also random). One SPHINX stays to protect cap, while second moves along waterfront in the same direction as MBTs.

Second SPHINX’s job is to destroy nearby pillbox on top of the hill, and to help kill bots. No MBT enters second cap point untill enemies are eradicated.

Phase 3

After killing all visible enemies, we enter second area. At this time, timer should show 12:50. After entering the cap area MBT should fire smoke grenades to prevent decap.

Just before cap is ended, one of the SPHINX’s commit suicide, drowning by the second bank, and respawn near third base.

Instead of dying, SPHINX can now also drive around the line blocking the passage by going deeper into the water.

Phase 4

Last phase. At this moment, respawned SPHINX goes to train trailers and captures new area. Now, only thing it should do is to retreat to safe distance and decap bots, when they enter final base near the hovercraft.

Rest of the team is irrelevant now (they just have to defend the base). Second SPHINX can also die and support the first one. If you protect the base, you’ll get achievement and first camo.



Achievements: Sharpshooter and Top Operation
Map: Barren Divide
Squad: 2x Challenger 2 ADTU + 2x T-14 Armata + 1x Wilk XC-8 (or LT)

This chapter doesn’t give you any camo, but since we have to complete it anyway, I’ll tell you how to get Sharpshooter achievement.

Phase 1

Player getting this achievement should stand on the hill in C7 square, from where he can shoot right side point and the base, where bots will spawn later on. Rest of the team splits between two caps.

Key to get this achievement is communication between team members. Player on Wilk have to say what he’s shooting at, in other case ally can destroy bots while he’s firing. In this case, he won’t get achievement, because he won’t have 100% accuracy.

Players near the right point should mostly de-track bots, to allow for 25 000 damage dealt by Wilk. After clearing enemy in both points and base, Wilk should already have damage needed (in other case, he continues fight).

At this moment, he leaves the hill in direction of the river, and stay there for the rest of battle. Rest of the team moves to the town.

Phase 2

Second phase starts when defence ends, with a short cutscene (be aware that during it you and bots can still move and shoot).

At this moment, artillery will spawn on the map. It’ll spawn in one of two places. It it’s northern part of map, one member of our team should be enough to go there and silence it. But it can also spawn at the hill behind the city, and killing it will be possible only after dealing with hordes of AI.

And how do you know where it spawned? Just see from where shells come. 😉

There is no need for secondary quests, so you can ignore them and whole middle of the map as well, and go by the road to the city. Be aware, that some bots can move towards you, as soon as you start fighting by the city.

If you think you have enough HP and time, you can destroy all bots. After reaching the city, you’ll have to kill two mini-bosses (commanders).

Phase 3

City is filled with bots, so stay vigilant. To finish the mission you have to destroy two enemy vehicles with * in their name. They should be somewhere in this area:

Remember to watch out time because it’s limited. Marking targetrs will end mission successfully, and player controling Wilk will get the achievement.

If you want to play as artillery (for example to get its dedicated achievement too) then check out this video, that shows how to easy win this mission with that class.: Click



AchievementsAir Defense In Itself oraz Peacemaker
Map: Barren Divide
Squad: 2x Challenger 2 ADTU + 3x T-15 HIFV

Third mission and second achievement that gets you a camouflage. For many it seems impossible to achieve, but many are wrong. All you need is good team and specific vehicles.

Air Defense In Itself needs from player to destroy AC-130 withous SAM launchers. Airplane has astonishing 100 000 HP, and that huge value needs to be brought down by T-15’s, which have great DPM.

Phase 1

Beginning is simple, all players go to the first point. Right by the entrance, from between buildings, first enemies will emerge, they can enter form the left or right side.

When you reach cap point, bots will start coming from both sides, eliminate them by coordinating you fire.

This phase shouldn’t give you much trouble, defending base activates next point, that you also need to protect.

Phase 2

Our next step is to defend another point. Defending radars isn’t crucial, so you can ignore them. Bots will come from two directions, good positioning on your side (three players by the base, two at the top) fight will go smoothly.

At this stage, first helicopters and artillery will show up. First can be destroyed easily by T-15 with their gun, they should start firing as soon as they can, because helicopters can fire missles at players and also spot them.

Artillery also is easy to get rid off, it spawns always at the same place, which means, you can take it “blindly”. Eventually, you can wait untill it fires first to make sure where it is.

Also our main target will enter the scene – the aeroplane. As soon as it show up, TDs should focus fire on it and fire with autocannon to reducd its HP.

Succesful cap defense will spawn another one, at the opposite side of the map.

Phase 3

Next base will be harder, because there will be more bots in one place. One T-15 have to go near top right corner ASAP, because another artillery will spawn there. It needs to be eliminated, otherwise it’ll inflict serious damage.

Rest of the team position themselves as shown below. Challengers split into two groups, thanks to it, bots will rotate constantly, trying to face once in one, once in another direction.

It is important, to not get to close to the base, otherwise bots will focus on the closest vehicle and start flanking it, which greatly increases chances of killing player. Enter cap only when you have to stop it, and only MBTs should do it.

At about 2 minutes before end of defence phase, second SAM launcher will appear (remembet NOT to capture it!) and AC-130. As it was before, T-15 shoot at it (save missles for bots). After this round, plane should be around 25-30K HP.

After you destroy AI, there will be last, third base.

Phase 4

At this moment, teams again splits. One Challenger goes to new cap and protects it from capturing, second supports from the side.

Two T-15’s stays at the hill near second point and shoot bots from there. Last TD goes to the hill near first base. Thanks to this positioning, enemy should be trapped into crossfire.

Before you start fighting with bots for real, take out SPGs. They’ll spawn right before cap. Situation changes when AC-130 comes back. This time it’ll fly around until we destroy it.

As you probably figured it out, all three T-15 concentrate their firepower on the plane, Challengers should do ok on their own. If you are at this moment with enough HP and no bigger mistakes, you should get achievement. 🙂



Achievements: Anti-Tank and Electrician
Map: Cold strike
Squad: …

Fourth and last mission. Unfortunately, I have not been able to collect a team that would be willing to do this mission. Check out Primer’s guides, which will show you how to get achievements.

And that’s all in terms of Special Operation called “Black Sea Incursion“. If I manage to get content for other achievements I’ll update this guide.

At the end, I want to say big thank you to people who helped me get these achievements, thus contributing to this guide: Aenye, ishamael, kusy and Quori.

 Translation PL-EN: luk_zloty


Loves anime and fantasy, science-fiction literature. Liked to play SPG (when it was in PvP). Community Contributor in Armored Warfare.

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